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Application support:

F-Graph F-Graph calculates and plots the standard normal distribution frequency and density functions.

One tail, middle, two tail and cumulative density functions can be calculated together with the raw frequency function.

You may enter directly Z values referred to N(0,1), or X values referred to a generic N(m, s).

In case of X values, the values for m=mean and s=standard deviation are also required. If Z values are entered, X values are computed according to m and s and the other way around.

F-Graph also works as a scientific calculator. You may enter the calculation clicking on the buttons of the application pad or directly directly enter the expression as text. Press = to perform the calculation. The calculator supports multiple level of parentheses. A parenthesis is automatically appended when a function button is pressed. You will have then to enter the argument and the closing brace.

Supported calculator functions:
  • ln(X) logarithm base e
  • log(X) logarithm base 10
  • log2 logarithm base 2
  • exp(X) e to X
  • rtod radians to decimal degrees
  • dtor decimal dgress to radians
  • sqrt(X) square root of X
  • nthroot(X, N) Nth root of X
  • pow(N, X) N to X
  • all common trigonometric functions. Arguments are entered and returned in radians
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Easter Calculator
Easter Calculator calculates easter date according to Gregorian or Julian calendar. You may search backards or forward from 1 AD up to many  future generations. There are different ways of using the calculator:
  • You may see for any particular year when easter has or will come simply scrolling the calendar year. Day and month will reposition according to the selected year.
  • You may search a range of years and see easter for each year accordingly in a table. Enter start year and end year and press search range
  • You may search a range of years and see when easter falls on a particular day as well. Enter start year and end year, select filter day and and month, select the day and month in the calendar wheel and press search range.
For each of the above funtions you may chose to calculate easter according to Julian or Gregorian calendar by selecting the chosen calendar in the selctor at the botton of the screen

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